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What's a business without friends, colleagues, clients and special interests? 

Not much, I'd wager.  That's why I am so excited to introduce you to the people with whom I work on writing and marketing projects.

They would not be featured here if they were not darn good at what they do for a living. 

C'mon.  Go ahead.  Give it a whirl.  Check them out and see what you think. 

Tell 'em I sent cha!


Sue Berg Voiceover Actress

Authoritative, Warm, Approachable


Sue Berg has voiced radio spots, TV advertising, e-books, literature and special programming in Chicago since 1987.  Her portfolio covers everything from corporate image narrations to national TV spots to books on tape to video news releases to on-camera commercials to web page narration to training DVDs/CDs. Sue Berg’s extensive experience in audio recording and delivery provides the customized approach companies crave to uniquely brand and market their products and services.  Her vast array of styles and inflections brings words on paper to life in clear, authoritative and warm diction.  When people think of your business, product, or project...what voice do they hear in their heads?  Is it a warm, friendly, conversational voice?  Or one that speaks with authority, yet is still approachable?  A voice with a wry sense of humor? Or a reassuring appeal that helps them understand a complicated or difficult topic?  Sue Berg has provided those voices for diverse companies nation-wide. Working out of her home studio—or at the client’s preferred location—Sue Berg creates voiceovers for every business need.   Click to read more and hear Sue Berg's demos.


Helken & Horn Advertising Agency



Helken & Horn Advertising Agency, under the direction of founder Tracey Horn, has been helping businesses triumph in branding and call-to-action advertising for decades, with more than 1,000 campaigns in its dynamic and diversified portfolio. Working alongside its clients, the agency builds and manages successful marketing strategies, campaigns and media buys. Its print, television, radio and web marketing grab attention and deliver targeted results in evolving spheres and modes of influence. As a full service agency, the Helken & Horn team includes expert graphic designers, seasoned copywriters, sensible media planners and go-viral social media professionals.  Click to read more.




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